What will your fate be?

If you're looking for a counselor to help answer some of your life questions, try reading these lines further. If you do not like to go to different charlatans, but still in the power of the wreath, try to learn what the charm can do. Without the interpretation of the angelic cards it would not be.  They are so very simple and they will advise you in a simple and beautiful way.  Just concentrate on your question and close your eyes. Then you'll just hunt down one or three cards that will guide you instinctively.
Heavenly Councils
You will consult your spiritual guide and you will see that you always resolve your question. They will advise you in a nonviolent and pleasant way. The Messengers of Heaven know that life is not light, and that is why they seek to advise you positively. A total of 44 images await you and each is original. The images are practically unrelated to each other. It's probably because you really just have one and advise you always intuitively. Surely you also want to know what awaits you in the area of love, health, family or work.

4. 5. 2019