How to start the day? Only with tea!

With tea, you'll decorate the morning and raise your mood
Harvesting of petals of the ovary takes place in several ways and techniques. The more selective the harvest, the better the resulting product. On high plantations where the best conditions are cultivated, the selection harvest is the best.
It's not just a morning ritual
On high-lying plantations are the most suitable conditions for the cultivation of quality tea. The tea tree is a long-lived shrub, and some species live up to about a hundred years old. The first harvest of petals can take place after four years of growth of the shrubs. Harvesting is possible at any time of the year, but the best is the dry monsoon period.
Hand and Machine Harvest
Because manual harvesting is very demanding on labor and intensity, this is reflected in the subsequent price. Such a product is of higher quality than if harvesting is done by a machine, for example because of a small amount of labor.

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