Custom Envelopes

Is your company often sending more printed materials? Plastic envelopes are the ideal choice for sending both advertising materials and confidential documents. Of course, it is possible to send a much broader range of small goods. Their unique two-color design ensures that they are completely opaque, their damage is visible at a glance, so they are safe for sending any content. And if you're worried that someone will be spamming your shipment and throwing it away, we have a simple solution for you.
Let it print out
If you want to separate your shipments at first glance from the usual ones, we offer you a tailored print. We will print your selected items and adjust them exactly according to your design. You can order online, of course, to our customers. For larger orders we offer you an individual contract calculation. As a long-term and reliable customer, you can have other discounts and benefits. And the bonus at the first order is that if you exceed the amount of 3000,-Kč, you will be free of charge from us.

4. 5. 2019