Custom Envelopes

Is your company often sending more printed materials? Plastic envelopes are the ideal choice for sending both advertising materials and confidential documents. Of course, it is possible to send a much broader range of small goods. Their unique two-color design ensures that they are completely opaque, their damage is visible at a glance, so they are safe for sending any content. And if you're worried that someone will be spamming your shipment and throwing it away, we have a simple solution for you.
Let it print out
If you want to separate your shipments at first glance from the usual ones, we offer you a tailored print. We will print your selected items and adjust them exactly according to your design. You can order online, of course, to our customers. For larger orders we offer you an individual contract calculation. As a long-term and reliable customer, you can have other discounts and benefits. And the bonus at the first order is that if you exceed the amount of 3000,-Kč, you will be free of charge from us.

4. 5. 2019

We will take care of your things with the overview

Are you tired of struggling with unreliable intermediaries of freight forwarding and courier services? Have you come across a few times and want to finally have something good you won't regret your invested money? We have a convenient solution for you. Arrange to transport your parcels through us! Transporting shipments and other products will guarantee not only maximum satisfaction, but also a considerable amount of money saved. We don't charge a lot. In addition, we can guarantee a high level of safety on the road and a unique customer service. All this and much more only with us, so do not hesitate to connect with us. You will surely not regret this decision.
Sophisticated logistic system
In order to perform the best work, we must have a well-captured logistics. And yes, you're guesses right. We have a good quality! We are constantly improving all important components so that we can guarantee our clients a unique enjoyment from the whole transport both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Come and get to know the professional concept on your own skin.

4. 5. 2019

Do you need to offer, inquire or get?

If you are looking for some handy server that will give you the opportunity to find the wanted, offer unwanted and inquire lacking, we have the opportunity for you. Our website offers you a free advertising option. You can find all the disciplines and possibilities, so you will surely choose and find what you lack. With your customer account, you can manage everything, enter new bids, or respond to selected ones.

Favouring your Offer
Do you want to enter your advert and need to see it better in a row? Its success will surely significantly affect the possibility of highlighting texts or parts thereof. You just need to take this into account in your customer account and you can give your lyrics a lot more preference and more. The advantage of surely is that you can freely offer or promote not only private, but also corporate input.

4. 5. 2019

You were absolutely shocked

When it happened to you for the first time, you couldn't believe it at all. It was the first time your body betrayed you, something that didn't work out the way you were used to it, and the worst thing about it was that it happened so unexpectedly without any warning, without any symptoms, without any help that would give you Suspect that something will happen and that you should count on it and prepare for it.
You were worried about the shame
The situation in which you got this unexpectedly was literally unenviable for both you and your partner, but with your hand on your heart, at the time you didn't think of it as the first thing to do with yourself and what you thought , and most of all scared you to not tell any of your acquaintances, and soon half of the people around you didn't know you had failed. This is simply a one-night risk with the person who appears in your area. Fortunately, none of these black scenarios came into being, and you began to get a quick tweet about the causes of your erectile dysfunction so that you can reliably remove them as soon as possible.

4. 5. 2019

Please sit down

The session was never more beautiful. With our dynamic-directional pad it can be pleasant even for people who have a spine already damaged in some way and are troubled by back pain. Use our pillow as a rehabilitation aid for convalescence and make your return to the work process more enjoyable. Long-term sitting suffers your spine from the neck to the loin. The solution is our aids for different types of problems, among which everyone chooses.
Without it, you don't sit down
Once you get used to our dynamical-directional pillow, you won't want to sit without it anymore. You'll even get used to it so much that you can take another home. If you convince yourself of the effects of our pillow, you will happily recommend to other family members and friends. Sitting on the pillow is nothing limited and can be recommended to everyone.

4. 5. 2019

Anyone who wants to mean something

Anyone who wants to mean something needs to have their website on the internet today. But it can be a problem for the ignorant and from that we are here and our knowledge and offer.

The creation of the website is the centre of our interest and the centerpoint of our assortment. But creating a site, that's a little. You must then take care of the site, fill it with content and promote it in the world of the Internet. We will also offer this To you.
Search Engine Optimization

SEO techniques try to accommodate search engine algorithms. At the same time, they also calculate user habits, because most users pay attention to only a few first links in search. The very creation of the site is not everything.
Creating Web pages

4. 5. 2019

Save with Us

You don't have to run in your spare time between department stores and supermarkets and compare prices to your own shirt. You'll spend your free time shopping more than spending it with your family, and that would be a shame. That's why we bring you every week a new current leaflet Albert full of the best discounts and promotions.

Food and goods
In your favorite supermarket you will find not only traditional food, but also consumer goods, for the smallest of some toys and for the bigger household equipment. If you follow our website, you can no longer escape any discount and do not have to look between shelves in the department store, what could still jump in your shopping cart to not burden the family budget too. We are looking forward to your visit.

4. 5. 2019

In short, the creation of Web pages

Is here for you, for your needs and preferences. We will build a website exactly according to your requirements. In addition, our websites are built on a clear editorial system.

Creating a website requires a high-quality foundation, i.e. a content management system. We have developed our own solution with a number of additional functions and modules that will surely satisfy your needs. You can then manage the contents of your site without our help and become more easily independent. And that's good, isn't it? In short, creating Web pages as it should be.
WEB 2.0

The term "WEB 2.0" is the established indication for the stage of web development, in which the fixed content of the Web pages was replaced by a space for sharing and co-authoring. It relates to the period from year 2004 to the present.

4. 5. 2019

Solid and quality materials

How do you choose the highest quality that will help you, not only on the practical side, but also will serve you as a perfect insulation and therefore the inquiry of your money? Simply and with us. Our Pilsen flooring is very convenient in every way. Thanks to the high quality of their materials, they will help you with the quality itself and you will be the same as super insulation of your housing. They are really very convenient.
Many species and perfect types
Plzeň flooring, it pays to each of you and whether you want to buy them to your homes, businesses, holiday buildings or anywhere else. They are in the highest quality of the materials themselves and they will serve you nicely forever. Their colorful image is very stylish and beautiful and will help you with your interiors. It is the most advantageous purchase, even in terms of price sessions themselves.

4. 5. 2019

Customise everything to your liking

Are you looking for the sale and printing of bags from fabric and juimes in the Czech market? We can be your best choice. We have attractive prices plus a very wide range of different colours, materials and shapes. If you also need to adjust your ear, we will allow you to choose from short or long. If you have not sewn to order, we can also make a combination. At the same time, we also look forward to short delivery dates, because we will always fulfill what we agree on!
We also use ecological colours
If you choose an ORGANIC bag printing with us, we do everything with ecological paints, which are blended according to the PANTONE C stencil. In addition, if you want to take advantage of some special effects, we offer you the effect of puff, imitation leather, glitr, 3D or metallic, Reflective and fluorescent paints.

4. 5. 2019

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